Interview with artist Wendy Marquis

Wendy Marquis with her classic Ford truck.

Hi everyone.  I’m going to start interviewing other artist for my blog. The first artist I had the pleasure of interviewing is Wendy Marquis.   She’s from Montana and her focal point is landscapes and vintage trucks. Here is my first interview of many more artist to come.  Enjoy!

1. When did you discover your love of art? I was born into a family that loved art. My mother owned a gallery, and art was allover our home. I was fascinated by art even as a small child.

2. Why did you choose old trucks as your focal point of your paintings ? I see them as an integral part of the western landscape. Just as I see a mountain, or a barn in the rural vista, I see old trucks.

3. What medium do you use? And why? I have been painting with acrylics for the last fifteen years. I have just recently been using water based oils. I love them!

4. When did you decide to start making money with your art? When I went off to college to be an art major, I decided to make art my profession. At that time, I decided to major in graphic design because I thought it would be more practical. And then I majored in studio art. I have always wanted to be painting. So first I worked as a graphic designer. Then i decided that I missed paint!!!  I then took some workshops in faux finishing, murals, and furniture painting. I did that full time for about 12 years. Then, when the economy tanked, I didn’t have enough work, so I had time to paint canvases full time!

5. Have you gone full time yet ? yes!!!

6. Do you find it difficult to balance the art side and the business side ? Absolutely. I rented a storefront studio and gallery in January and now I have to pay rent. SO the pressure is on more than ever. I also started teaching. Plus, I took a course in “Artrpreneurship,” which teaches artist to be better business people. I have been working on that so much. I think I have really sharpened my business tools so now I am ready to paint more now. You have to work at the business side and the marketing side if you want to succeed. It’s really hard for one person to do it all. But I am trying!

7. Any advice for other artists  who want to make money with their art? Sharpen your technical skills but also work on your business skills. As artists, we don’t like that stuff, but we have to be responsible financially or we won’t be able to keep creating and following our passions

You can find Wendy at her website listed below


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